Vista Premium Construction offers design-build services to provide our clients with shorter overall project durations and also provide our clients with the benefit of VP-Corp’s and our subcontractors’ practical, specialized knowledge. Throughout the design-build process, VP-Corp endeavors to optimize the synergy that results from involving the Client, Architect, Consultants, and key Subcontractors in the design process. We not only manage the design-build process, but are also an active participant, ensuring changes are coordinated through all of the disciplines, checking for constructability and offering value engineering recommendations. We furnish timely cost and schedule impacts so that tentative design changes can be formalized quickly.


With over 12 years of experience VP-Corp has an extensive database and corporate memory from which to call on when estimating projects. Our experienced Project Managers, Estimators, and Senior Managers perform the estimates. We are detailed and thorough with all project estimates. Our detailed breakdowns allow for greater accuracy and flexibility on construction projects.
Our detailed estimates assist during the value engineering process because accurate breakdowns provide greater decision-making flexibility to the client.


VP-Corp understands that significant construction cost and time savings can be realized during the preconstruction period. There is a close relationship between design and construction. Through cost effective scheduling and architectural and engineering planning, VP-Corp is able to meet and often exceed the Client’s objectives and budget. VP-Corp believes in teamwork, and so every project is assigned a Principal in addition to a Project Manager to work together with the Client and Architect from the outset of a project to ensure that the Client’s and Architect’s concerns are addressed. We work on

building professional relationships between all the project members. Respect and open communication allow for ideas to flow to ensure that the best alternatives are presented during pre-construction.


Vista Premium Construction takes pride in its ability to deal with the demands of a fast-track project. we work closely with the Client and Architect to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. We know that prior planning prevents poor performance. We also know that proper planning prevents costly, last minute overtime or shift work. Through innovative scheduling, project planning, expedited procurement, and skillful management, we are able to avoid unnecessary construction delays to ensure our clients receive top quality performance and value.

Occupied Facility

We have extensive tenant improvement experience working in very sensitive occupied spaces ranging from newspaper editorial offices to university facilities to brokerage offices. Before any construction in an occupied facility takes place, VP-Corp meets with the building occupants to address their concerns during construction. Safety, noise, dust and traffic control are a few of the issues VP-Corp addresses immediately when performing a tenant improvement. During construction we are sensitive to our client’s changing needs. We schedule around our client’s activities and modify our work practices as necessary to mnimize the impact to our client’s operations.


VP-Corp utilizes the latest in scheduling and estimating software in the development and management of a project. During the course of the project, both the schedule and budget are maintained and updated as the changes to the project dictate.
VP-Corp’s Field Superintendents, General Managers and the support staff at our equipment/material yard are in constant contact to ensure that the needs of each project are timely met.

Construction Management

In general, Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion.

Our services

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[item]New Construction[/item]
[item]Home Remodeling[/item]
[item]Room Additions[/item]
[item]Kitchen Remodeling[/item]
[item]Bathroom Remodeling[/item]
[item]Commercial Services[/item]
[item]Concrete work[/item]
[item]Construction Management[/item]
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[heading tag=”h3″ icon=”level-down” font=”entypo” background=”true” inverted=”true”]Pre-Construction [/heading]
We work with you to devise accurate cost models, retain high-quality contractors within your budget constraints, oversee construction operations, and ensure that every detail for your project is given proper attention.

Our pre-construction services include:

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[item]Project Planning[/item]
[item]Logistics Evaluation[/item]
[item]Design Package Support[/item]
[item]Constructability Review[/item]
[item]Pre-construction Mock-up and Exploratory Services[/item]
[item]LEED Support[/item]
[item]Bid Preparation[/item]

[heading tag=”h3″ icon=”key” font=”entypo” background=”true” inverted=”true”]Construction Management[/heading]
In general, Construction management is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. In small your projects, if you are not sure how to select a contractor or if you cannot break down your project to cheaper work packages or you afraid to over pay your contractor and do not finish the project on budget, we provide solution.

Our services include:

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[item]Pre-construction consultancy and planning[/item]
[item]Providing bid document and contractor evaluation[/item]
[item]Construction Inspection and supervision[/item]
[item]Scheduling and project control[/item]
[item]Estimating and cost control[/item]
[item]Change order management[/item]
[item]Claims management and resolution[/item]
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[heading tag=”h3″ icon=”tools” font=”entypo” background=”true” inverted=”true”]Remodeling & Additions[/heading]
Whether you are looking to create a gourmet kitchen, bathroom retreat, add a room, front porch or deck, we have the experience necessary.

Our services include:

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[item]Kitchen Renovations[/item]
[item]Bathroom Remodeling[/item]
[item]Garage Additions[/item]
[item]Decks & Porches[/item]
[item]Window Upgrades[/item]
[item]Finishing Basements[/item]


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